Guatemala Todos Santos Coop, Huehuetenango
$ 15.00

We love this coffee. It's balanced yet complex and has nice body, subtle caramel and chocolate notes with a clementine acidity on the finish. As it cools, the fruit undertones really come through. 

From the importer:

TG Labs works with Cooperativa Todos Santos, also known as Asociación de Desarrollo Integral El Esfuerzo Tuiboch Todos Santos ASODIETT, to improve the quality of coffee yielded by its existing 55 producers. Todos Santos is a town located at 2,400 meters, and from Todos Santos another stretch of dirt roads need to be crossed before arriving in the village of Tuiboch, where the coffee is grown. Coffee starts at 1,800 and goes down to 1,400 meters where it thrives in the warmer winds of the valleys formed by the Rios Ocho, a river formed by 8 different rivers that divides a series of communities.

The Cooperative started in 1995 with a total of 10 people and grew to the current number of 55 producers made up of the Mayan Mam ethnic group. Farms range from 5 to 10 hectares and together produce an average of 800 - 1,000 bags per harvest. These coffees are Organic and Fair Trade Certified.