We are always looking for new connections to our community and would love working with you and your business. Whether you are a cafe, bakery, restaurant, or office, we'd love to provide you with coffee service. 

Our Coffee

We buy our coffee from specialty coffee importers who has farmer contacts all over the world. Eventually we want to be able to source our own coffee at origin, but for now we trust our importers. We select our coffees by going through dozens of samples before finding the right fit for us. We have access to Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, and Organic coffees and buy them when we can. If you are driven by these credentials, please call us and we will talk to you about our offerings and options. 

Signature Roast

Borealis Coffee roasts in small batches, so every roast can be fine tuned to your specific needs or wants. We will happily work with you to create your own "Signature Roast" for your business. Whether you need five pounds a week or fifty pounds a week, we would be happy to collaborate on your coffee goals.

Equipment and Training

If you have equipment or training needs, contact us and we will be happy to talk to you about how to meet your needs. 


Email: brian@borealiscoffee.com 

Phone: 401-429-8774