Cold Brew Concentrate


  • Ratio: Brewing coffee is all about the ratio of coffee to water! This recipe will be using a 1:5 ratio to achieve a concentrate. Up the ratio to 1:10 for something that is Ready-to-Drink
  • Immersion: There are many devices out there for home Cold Brewing. This is a general recipe that utilizes immersion brewing to achieve a good cold brew that can be used as a starter as you fine tune for your specific brewer.
  • Concentrate: It's probably clear that this recipe will result in a thick, syrupy concentrate; don't forget to cut it!


  • A 32 oz. French Press (Adjust recipe for your size)
  • 200 grams (7.5 ounces) coffee
  • 1000 grams (1 liter) filtered water
  • Digital Scale
  • Separate vessel/carafe
  • Spoon


  • Be sure your French press is cleaned, rinsed, and assembled 
  • Grind your coffee on a coarse setting so that it resembles kosher salt and pour into the bottom of carafe


 Add about 120 grams (4 oz.) of the water into the French Press and stir with a spoon. Ensure all grinds are saturated

 Add remaining water to the French Press and stir one more time

 Place plunger onto the French press and slightly press so that grinds are just submerged

 Allow coffee to steep anywhere between 16 and 20 hours at room temperature

 (Generally) The next day, go ahead and plunge the grinds to the bottom

 Pour the concentrate into a separate vessel and dilute to your preference

 Diluting is the part where you can get creative. You can use ice cubes, cold or hot water, milk/cream, or an other alternative you can think of. The only thing that matters here is how you like your coffee.


I like Cold Brew but how do I get more 'hot coffee' characteristics?

There are certain organic compounds in coffee that only release when introduced to hot water. Because of this, Cold Brew has a very smooth and mellow body to it with little acidity. For those that like a little more complexity in their Cold Brew, replace that first 120 grams of cold water with hot water off the boil. This bloom will release some of those compounds that would otherwise be hidden from the cold brew and kick start the whole brewing process. Keep the rest of the recipe the same and you'll have a complex Cold Brew with just a touch more acidity