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Greetings coffee lovers! Thank you for your patience as I hacked my way through starting this little business called Borealis Coffee Company. I am not a business expert. Or a web master. Or a blogger, for that matter. Allow me to apologize for the delay of getting this website up and running as I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting this launch. Well good news…it's here!

A few points of interest:

-You can now order all the great coffee I have available. I've included brief descriptions with each of the offerings to help you choose what is right for you. I tend to roast on the lighter/medium side of things and don't really have any charcoally, oily dark roasts. I intend to have new offerings every few months, so make sure to check back occasionally to see if there's anything new. Following us on Facebook will help keep you up to date on what's happening around the shop.


-We are proud to announce the Borealis Coffee Club. Starting at $20 a month, you get coffee delivered to your door AND free shipping! 

One pound for $20, two pounds for $30. Two pound subscribers will receive two pounds once a month.

Sixth month subscriptions save 5%! (1 pound for $115, 2 pounds for $170)

One year subscriptions save 10%!(1 pound for $230, 2 pounds for $340)


-I roast on the weekend since I still have to keep my day job. It may take a little adjusting, but I'll do my best to anticipate demands for each of the coffees offered. Even still, if I run out of coffee on Monday and you order something on Tuesday, there's a good chance I won't be able to ship it until the following Monday. 


Thank you for your patience as I work through the bugs that are no doubt going to pop up over the next couple months. Please email me from the contact page if you find a glitch or anything amiss with this website. I've done my best to test the site, but there's probably plenty of things that I haven't thought of.   I'm very excited about this new business and am happy to have you as one of the first customers!

Brian Dwiggins, owner/roaster at Borealis Coffee Company