Kenya Endebess Estate: Natural Processed
$ 16.50


Kenya does not typically have a whole lot of natural processed coffees, which was one of the reasons we had to grab some of this one. The other reason? It's really quite amazing. 

Natural processed means that instead of stripping all the flesh of the coffee cherry off and then "washing" the coffee, they let that flesh dry right on the bean for a little while. The result? Bigger body and heavier fruit notes.

This coffee smells like a watermelon jolly rancher. It is loaded with fruit notes: strawberry, dessert wine, and dried plums. This is not your typical coffee, but it's a very good illustration of how the processing method can change the profile of a coffee. 

The Endebess Estate is near the market town of Kitale at the northern end of the Rift Valley. The elevation ranges between 1750 and 1950 meters above sea level.