Colombia: Team Crafty Signature Roast  ORGANIC!
$ 15.00

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We are excited to announce that as of August 2020, this coffee is now certified organic! As our most popular coffee, we felt that this was an important coffee to wrap into our line up of organic coffees. 

This is the coffee to the stars!  Borealis Coffee teamed up with Davey and Cam, aka Team Crafty, a couple of great guys who work Craft Service in the New England film scene.   A major role of craft service is providing snacks, drinks, and most importantly COFFEE to film crews.  Borealis, Davey, and Cam went through a series of blends and roast levels before coming up with Team Crafty Signature Roast.   It's a medium-dark roast with hints of cocoa nibs, nuts, and a smooth cup from beginning to end.