Love Borealis, but can’t make it to the Rhode Island? We are happy to offer a mail order coffee service, but there are some aspects to consider. We have done the research to maximize shipping efficiency and have determined that it is generally cheapest to send coffee via USPS Regional Rate or Flat Rate boxes. Boxes come in fixed sizes; you can fill them with as much as you want and the cost remains the same based on ZONES ("if it fits, it ships"). Shipping is the same for one pound as it is for three pounds, so you may as well fill the box!

Coffee will ship in the following ways:

Regional Rate Boxes 

Regional rate boxes have a flat rate based on US Post Office's zones.  When you go to select a shipping rate, the website should default to the best options for you. Regional Rate and Flat Rate boxes are shipped Priority Mail and come with a tracking number.

Up to 3 pounds: Regional Rate Box A 
  • Zones 1 and 2: $5.32
  • Zone 3 $5.44
  • Zone 4 $5.84
  • Zone 5 $7.55
  • Zone 6 $8.26
  • Zone 7 $8.98
  • Zone 8 $9.97
Up to 6 1 pound bags OR 1 5 pound bag and 2 1 pound bags: Regional Rate Box B
    • Zone 1 and 2: 6.16
    • Zone 3: 7.25
    • Zone 4: 8.10
    • Zone 5: 10.66
    Zone 6 through 8 it becomes cheaper to ship in a Medium Flate Rate box, which does not utilize the zone systems. For those people, the shipping charge is $11.30.

    Because we are located in RI the zone breakdown is as follows:

    ZONE 1: RI, Eastern MA

    ZONE 2: Western MA, CT, NH, Southern VT, Southern ME, Eastern NY State

    ZONE 3: NJ, NYC, DE, Eastern PA, Northern VT, Northern ME

    ZONE 4: Western NY state, Western PA, MD, WV, Eastern OH, Most of VA, Eastern NC

    ZONE 5: North AL, Most of GA, IN, IL, KY, Western OH, MI, SC, Eastern TN, Most of WI, NE Florida.

    ZONE 6: Southern AL, AR, FL, Southwest GA, Southern IL, IA, KS, LA, MN, MS, MO, Eastern NE, Eastern ND, Eastern SD, Western TN

    ZONE 7: Eastern CO, Western NE, Most of OK, Western SD, Western ND, Most of TX, Eastern WY.

    ZONE 8: AK, AZ, CA, Western CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, and WA. Also PR, USVI, outlying protectorates, etc.


    Shipping to Canada is painfully expensive. We are continuing to look for a more reasonable shipping option for our friends in the north, but at this time, it is prohibitively expensive to send more than 2 pounds at a time, and even that is $15.


    These prices are based on USPS rates as of August 4, 2014. They are subject to change without notice.