Giving Statement

We’re committed to giving back and helping others thrive.

That starts with the coffee we buy. Part of our coffee selection process is ensuring that farmers make higher than fair trade wages from the coffees we choose. Additionally, we’re working to build relationships with specialty coffee farmers to ship green coffee directly from their farm to our door so that they make more for their efforts.

We believe that coffee is an experience worth sharing. Sharing is woven into the fabric of our business and the organizations we choose to give to.

Rather than committing to one cause, we give to a range of non-profit organizations that align with our business values. We focus on organizations that promote accessibility, community, equality, and the environment. While we can’t give to every organization, with your patronage we’re able to support a few great causes that share our values.

We know there are a lot of organizations to support and we can’t give to all of them. But, when we can, we choose community driven, secular, non-profit organizations to donate products, gift cards, and funds to throughout the year.

The more our community supports us, the more we feel we need to support our community. Thank you for helping us share!