Coffee Brewer


  • Your brewer & accompanying filter
  • 5 tbsp coffee
  • 1-quart filtered water
  • A friend to share all this coffee with


  • Place the filter into the brew basket your preferred at-home brewer
  • Depending on the brewer, try to rinse the filter with some hot water to rinse out any paper, off-flavors that could affect the brew
  • Grind your coffee on a medium setting that resembles table salt


  1. Pour filtered water into the water reservoir of your home brewer
  2. Pour ground coffee into brew basket
  3. Begin the machine's brewing cycle and, if possible, don't close the lid of the brew basket
  4. Watch the first drops of water into the brew basket to make sure all of the grinds are saturated; if not, give the slurry a quick stir with a spoon or stir stick
  5. Close the lid and let the brewer finish; machine should signal when cycle is complete
  6. Discard the spent grinds and filter
  7. Drink your coffee ASAP! Letting the coffee sit on the hot plate will "cook" the coffee, making it bitter. Enjoy within ten minutes of brewing or transfer to an insulated carafe

What if I'm Making Coffee for a Crowd?

If you want to brew a larger volume of coffee, make your grind slightly coarser proportional to volume of water you intend to use. The more coffee there is, the longer it will take for the water to make its way through the grinds, which can over-extract the coffee and add a bitter taste to your brew. A courser grind will allow the water to filter faster, taking with it the natural sweetness of the beans.