Borealis Coffee Company connects people with great coffee. We are a small-batch, artisanal coffee roaster in Riverside, Rhode Island and we are passionate about coffee. Coffee is an equal opportunity beverage; you don’t have to be a Master Q Grader (the sommelier or professional taster of coffee) to savor the flavors. We want to bridge the gap between diner coffee and craft brews, between coffee snobs and everyday drinkers, because we believe coffee is an experience worth sharing.  

Roasting coffee is a blend of art and science; the entire process from bean to brew requires skill and constant attention. Understanding this balance and that coffee is at its best when it’s freshly roasted, we developed our process to ensure customers receive the best beans with every order.

We use a small, 5 kilo Probat roaster as opposed to a larger machine because we favor a personal touch. Smaller batches means we roast more often and coffee doesn’t sit on a shelf waiting to be sold. It may take longer to fulfill an order, but we love what we do, and want to give you coffee that makes all of us proud.  

We taste each batch of coffee we roast as our commitment to quality. We are constantly adjusting and tweaking our roasts because every coffee bean has unique flavors worth highlighting. Discovering the point in the roast where each bean (or each blend) develops its best attributes and flavor profiles is half the fun of what we do. We’d love for you to join us in that discovery process.

Come by the cafe for a cup or to restock your favorite beans for home. Stay for while; read or work in the cafe. If you’re curious about the process, ask questions, we’d love to answer them over a cup of coffee.