Alipio Munoz: Finca La Capilla.  Colombia Microlot
Alipio Munoz: Finca La Capilla.  Colombia Microlot Alipio Munoz: Finca La Capilla.  Colombia Microlot
$ 19.00

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This is a coffee with a story. This farm-direct coffee from Narino, Colombia is a meticulous produced coffee at the farm level. With so much emphasis on quantity over quality in the coffee industry, it is always a treat to find coffee producers and farmers that go to extra lengths to make sure that they yield great coffees that stand out. 

We paid a premium for this coffee so that the additional cost can go back to the farmer so she can continue to do great work at origin. This is our second year working with Alipio and we are happy to be forging a long-term relationship with him. We bought his entire 2019 crop!

We are very excited to offer this coffee and see great potential for the future at La Capilla!

Country: Colombia

Region: Nariño

Locality: La Unión

Altitude: 1,800-1,850 masl

Process: Washed- Sun dried

From the importer: 

Alipio has deep roots in coffee. His parents were coffee farmers and he grew up learning the lifestyle from them. He still believes there is tremendous opportunity in the industry for farmers who are willing to learn and adapt to what the market is demanding. Alipio embraces traditional techniques, but welcomes any input and guidance that will help produce coffee of an even higher quality. He’s looking for the right connections to develop strong relationships with customers.


Honey, red apple, juicy, creamy, great sweetness.