What's In Your Cup?

Zack Carey

Earth Day in a New Decade

Through careful sourcing, we look for farmers that operate with sustainability on their minds whether it be through organic practices, shade grown farms, or an emphasis on biodiversity. To celebrate Earth Day we wanted to take you through some of the coffees you drink everyday and how, in the end, it's you that supports these farmers and what they do.

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Coffee Fundamentals: Changing Your Grind

Even though we have always aimed to help you up your coffee game, we want to be approachable because we know that it's no small task and can be intimidating at first. Since we are putting some cool new products on our shelves we want to not only help you improve those brewing skills but tell you why these fundamentals are important.

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Pablo del Cid & Finca el Jardin

Imagine you're a Guatemalan coffee producer, traveling to the states during the greatest pandemic in a hundred years to visit family. Now imagine that family lives in the local Rhode Island area and you're looking to sell some of your coffee to a local roaster while you're in town.

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Barrels. Beans. Borealis Coffee.

It’s been a couple of weeks since we've introduced this coffee to our lineup which means that this blog post is way overdue. After seeing the overwhelming response to our Harvest Moonshine, we are ecstatic that our friends and customers are having as much fun with this coffee as we are. For those readers that haven’t had an opportunity to try these beans yet, the Harvest Moonshine is our latest release where we condition the green coffee beans in bourbon barrels. The result is a complex and pleasing brew that offers a bourbon-apple characteristic and is a great way for coffee lovers...

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