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Barrels. Beans. Borealis Coffee.

It’s been a couple of weeks since we've introduced this coffee to our lineup which means that this blog post is way overdue. After seeing the overwhelming response to our Harvest Moonshine, we are ecstatic that our friends and customers are having as much fun with this coffee as we are. For those readers that haven’t had an opportunity to try these beans yet, the Harvest Moonshine is our latest release where we condition the green coffee beans in bourbon barrels. The result is a complex and pleasing brew that offers a bourbon-apple characteristic and is a great way for coffee lovers...

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Month Old Coffee?

Time passed since roast doesn’t always mean diminished freshness or flavor. It’s the weekend and you’ve made some time to pop into our cafe. You walk to the wall of beans and scan over your options; setting your eyes on the roast or region you like, you choose a bag. A roast date is present and, to your shock, this coffee was roasted about two weeks ago. Hesitantly, you put the bag down and instead find the one with the freshest roast date. Satisfied with something fresher, you make the purchase and go home to start brewing.  While scouting for freshness...

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Brian Dwiggins

Borealis featured in the Daily Coffee News!

"By all accounts, there is a fair amount of genuine terror associated with one’s first purchase of a production roaster. In the case of Brian Dwiggins, who is now roasting under the name Borealis Coffee Roasters in Pawtucket, R.I., by way of Colorado and his original home Alaska, that roaster is a Probat model purchased in 2014 from Coffeetec. Dwiggins had settled on the model after roasting classes atCoffee Lab International in Waterbury, Vt. “I had literally searched every state and major city on Craigslist on a weekly basis for two years without any luck,” Dwiggins recently told Daily Coffee News. “It showed up on...

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