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New Coffees for Spring 2016!

The early Spring coffees have landed! I am pleased to announce the arrival of 4 new coffees to our line up from a new importer. We have always been happy with the coffees we sell, but it's fun to mix it up a little bit and see what else is out there. Sourcing coffees can be exhausting when you scroll through literally hundreds of different farms, lots, estates, or regional options for EACH coffee producing country.

I've found some great coffees. 

First: the Ethiopian Ennaria Limmu is a mad man! It's scored at 92 points and has bright notes up front, with great peachy and caramel tones, cooling off to a lovely floral bouquet. 

The Java Sunda Hejo "Mahoni" coffee is a washed Indonesian coffee that I bought as an experimental replacement component for the Three Phase Espresso, but also something that stands out as an exceptional coffee on its own.

A new Colombian regional blend has arrived and will transition out the RFA Excelso that has been the Team Crafty Signature Roast for the last several months. It has more sweetness and acidity than its predecessor, but withholds those nutty and chocolate notes that make Team Crafty such a hit.

The KBQB coop coffee is sold out, so I replaced it with another Fair Trade Organic coop coffee from Sumatra. The Ketiari Coop has a classic Sumatran profile with big body, tobacco, and great earthy notes.

There are also some other great coffees that I want to start toying around with to develop a House Blend (name TBD...). 

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