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I love football. I love Legos. And obviously, I love coffee. As I sit here playing with my Legos waiting for kickoff drinking coffee, I wanted to offer all of you a chance to win something by means of a contest or something like that. Since I'm not a lawyer and I am a little terrified of any potential consequences for having a contest that may be seen as gambling, I decided to just offer a 21% discount for today only. 

If you follow Borealis Coffee on social media (Instagram or twitter @borealiscoffee) or on FaceBook, then you will have probably seen that I have a promo code "PIGSKIN" for 21% off your entire order.

I'm making room for some new coffees that should arrive next week, but in the mean time: poke around the website and find some delicious coffees. Just don't forget that promo code at checkout!

Thanks for visiting!