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Our friend Harry gave us his secret inverted method for AeroPressing, which is drastically different than the included instructions that come with your AeroPress. Harry's version is literally flipped upside down compared to the AeroPress instructions. 

As with any brew method, you want to use filtered or spring water (or filtered) that is between 195-205 degrees F (about a minute off a boil)

The AeroPress grind should be fairly fine, a bit more fine than your regular coffee maker. As always, grindwhat you need when you need it. The finer the grind, the quicker it stales 


For the dose, we use 28 grams for the full volume of the AeroPress. We dosed it out to be about two scoopfuls of coffee (the scoop that came with your AeroPress). Hint: the filter basket is about the same volume as the scoop, so don't worry if you can't find the scoop. 


This is where it gets interesting. Take your AeroPress and flip it upside down without the screw-on filter basket. The plunger is on the bottom, the threaded part is on top (see picture at left). For a full cup, make it so the rubber plunger is inside the cylinder just enough to create a good seal.   
Add your coffee. Make sure it rests evenly on the plunger. If you have a timer (or phone with stop watch), set it to three minutes.

Simultaneously, start the timer and start slowly pouring. At first, add just enough water to saturate the grinds then pause for a moment. It may "bloom" or bubble a bit, which is fun to watch. Once done with the bloom (around the 30 second mark), finish pouring to the top by the 1:00 mark.


 While you're waiting, pre-wet the filter. This gets rid of any papery taste that might come off the filter and also makes sure that your tasty coffee oils won't get trapped in a dry filter.

Once you've saturated the filter, screw on the filter basket to the top of the still inverted AeroPress. Your countdown is almost over...

STEP FIVE: THE PLUNGE At about 2:15, take the AeroPress and flip it into your mug (left picture). Make sure that you are on a sturdy surface because you are about to push down with quite a bit of force. At 2:30, begin to slowly push down on the plunger. The whole trip to the bottom should take the remaining 30 seconds, so keep an eye on the time as you press down. You'll get the feel for the timing after a couple of tries.


The actual volume of the AeroPress is only about 8 oz, so don't be surprised if you didn't fill your mug. At this point you will be looking at a dense shot of coffee. For espresso drinkers, this will be right up your alley. If you're NOT a regular espresso drinker, you may want to water it down a little bit.

However you choose to drink it, don't be afraid to play around with extraction time, dose, and grind.